Maureen Jerolis, Service Side Air LLC

Maureen Jerolis, Service Side Air LLC

Maureen Jerolis
Service Side Air LLC

80 Stokes St.
Freehold, NJ 07728
(732) 804-1215

Fifty-four billion dollars. That’s how much businesses in North America could save annually by using the right air filters in their HVAC systems. And that figure does not include a corresponding impact on energy consumption!

In addition to providing commercial and industrial clients with air filtration products, Service Side Air is committed to informing their clients about the benefits of providing the right air quality. Just imagine how much money a business would save if their business site utilizes air filters that help their HVAC systems operate more efficiently, and provide clean air that reduces airborne viruses and bacteria, thus providing a more healthy and productive environment.

Marueen Jerolis, founder and owner of Service Side Air, feels the time she spends with customers informing them on energy savings and industry trends, and the genuine interest she invests in them personally, helps distinguish her family owned business from the competition, and is the catalyst for the amazing growth her business has experienced. Service Side Air currently employs six people to handle sales and service, which have increased a whopping 2,000 percent since the business opened on July 30, 2007.

Service Side Air makes recommendations on the best ways to provide energy savings, achieve indoor air quality and reduce waste, thus helping the environment. That environmentally concerned approach, combined with Service Side Air’s motto to “call us and breathe easy,” is what enabled their product and service offerings to expand from merely providing replacement filters to ordering replacement coils and coil cleaning.

Even before setting up her company and receiving counseling at the NJSBDC at Brookdale Community College with Regional Director Bill Nunnally, Assistant Director Jackeline Mejias-Fuertes, Program Coordinator Jacqueline Hoehn, and Procurement Director Stephanie Burroughs, Maureen enrolled in and completed the Entrepreneur Certificate Program, the SBE application process, and other procurement certifications.

Just as she feels her personal touch is a distinguishing factor for her company, Maureen offers similar sentiments for the Center at Brookdale. “The NJSBDC doesn’t just tell you where to or how to–that you can get from a book. They take a personal interest in you and make suggestions and offer courses to broaden your horizons and along the way you grow into the person you need to be to grow your business. The NJSBDC assisted Service Side Air in staying focused and obtaining additional services that aided in achieving continual growth. They open the door to the ongoing opportunities and for this we are grateful.”