The Top 10 Practices for New Jersey Small Businesses

As a small business in New Jersey, being able to take advantage of new opportunities is a top priority. It’s these very opportunities that will allow your business to grow, acquire new leads and generate more sales. Our NJ SEO agency, SEMGeeks, has experience working with small and local businesses to increase ROI and generate leads. Let’s discuss the 10 best practices for your New Jersey business.


1. Create an Active Lead Generation Strategy

With an effective lead generation strategy, your business can successfully bring in new customers and increase your bottom line. There are many ways to generate leads, but the most efficient is through landing pages that allow you to capture pertinent customer information.


2. Build Strong Landing Pages

Landing pages are different from web pages in that users actually “land” on them, and they exist solely to capture a visitor’s information. Building strong landing pages will help you acquire high-quality leads.


3. Utilize Geo-Targeted Campaigns

Targeting a specific area is especially beneficial for your small business because you can focus on your local area. By utilizing geo-targeted campaigns, your business will be displayed in areas where it’s relevant, say, right here in New Jersey.


4. Initiate a Solid SEO Strategy

You’ve probably heard a lot about search engine optimization (SEO), and it remains a critical component when increasing search rankings. A solid SEO strategy will help your business get to the top of the SERPs, creating more exposure and traffic to your site.


5. Push Out Compelling Content

Content continues to be king, and with more competition comes more creativity. Don’t just push out any content; offer valuable, relevant information that shows your role as industry leader. In the end, content is one of the few ways that you can separate your business from the competition.


6. Be a Social Media Guru

Giving your business some social media exposure shows the social side of your business, and it’s a great way to post content and engage with fans. Each social site – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn – has its benefits. You can use each platform equally, or hone in on a couple that will favor your line of business.


7. Launch Successful PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns will help your business acquire better rankings, and generate more traffic to your website. There are many ingredients that go into a successful PPC recipe, so expect some trial and error along the way. Also, PPC campaigns can be made to fit all budgets, a great perk for emerging small businesses.


8. Have a Strong Mobile Presence

Having a firm mobile presence is critical because more users are relying on their mobile devices to find, research and select companies that meet their needs, especially in a local sense. Your company should have a mobile optimized website as well as clickable call-to-action links.


9. Practice Remarketing

Remarketing takes place when an interested visitor comes to your site, and you use cookies to follow them, offering relevant ads that increase the chances of them coming back to your site. Remarketing is effective because the initial interest and awareness is already there.


10. Use Analytics Tracking Tools

Knowing how effective your marketing strategies are is important when determining how to allocate your budget. Using tools such as Google Analytics, you can evaluate the success of the campaign and figure out how to adjust your strategies to best meet the needs of your NJ small business.


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