Robert LaBella, owner of Jamm Printing, has been in the printing business his whole life. His parents owned Hoffman Press in Belmar, NJ and the LaBella family has been an integral part of the printing industry for generations.

Robert continued on with the family legacy when he purchased Jamm Printing 20 years ago. He started with one location in Long Branch, NJ. Then in 1996 he purchased his second location in Shrewsbury, NJ and six years ago, Robert bought Hoffman Press in Neptune City, NJ from his father and renamed it Jamm Printing.

In 2010 the downturn in the economy began to impact Jamm Printing, given that their clients are other businesses. But in early 2012 the economy, and the printing business, began to recover. Then Super Storm Sandy hit in October. The physical damage to Robert’s locations was significant, but Jamm Printing creatively kept business going by funneling all its work to its alternate locations while each went under repair. Economically, the impact was more substantial since many of their clients, small and medium sized businesses, were either temporarily, and in some cases, permanently closed. For the printing client’s whose businesses survived, they were cautious on printing orders since their immediate plans were uncertain. This is when America’s SBDC New Jersey at Brookdale Community College stepped in and assisted Jamm Printing not only with their own needs, but with the tools for them to assist their clients.

“The ASBDC New Jersey at Brookdale Community College assisted us in reinventing our marketing strategies”, said Robert LaBella. “Bob Mica, their marketing consultant, opened my eyes to reevaluating my customer base, and that is the key to everything. Our business is based on our customers being successful. With what we learned, we were able to share those skills with our customers to help grow their businesses. Jamm Printing sets itself apart by having a highly experienced staff and marketing people that have a personal service attitude. We help our customers sell and market themselves and the insight we received from the ASBDC had a domino effect. Both Bob Mica and Lisa Kanda have worked and continue to work with us in an impactful manner. They are an invaluable resource. The ASBDC had my business as their main concern, just as I do with my customers.”

Jamm Printing has three successful locations and serves clients, large and small, across multiple industries. As Robert said, he puts his customers first, and that comes through in all his locations. We wish Robert and Jamm Printing continued success and are honored to be part of his team! For more information about Jamm Printing, visit http://www.jammprinting.com/