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Tracy Rowohlt is the hard working and brilliant owner of NateCo LLC, a certified Women Owned Business (WBE) and certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE). NateCo LLC is a successful family owned business that developed and produces a patented removable crown molding/wire management system called RowlCrown, a product that provides the look of traditional crown molding and the functionality of a cable cover.


RowlCrown is currently used in residential properties as well as large scale commercial properties and has also established distribution channels, such as Home Depot.  Their commercial projects include hospitals, nursing homes and major hotel chains throughout New York, San Diego, Washington, DC and Bomolding with wiresston.

Tracy came to the ASBDC at Brookdale Community College in late 2012 to help grow her business and has since tackled multiple aspects of business development with finesse and determination. “Since my background is finance”, Tracy says, “I encountered multiple challenges with entrepreneurship!  I needed help with social media, marketing, government procurement, etc.  That is precisely where the ASBDC at Brookdale Community College helped me tremendously! The one-on-ones with the instructors are also invaluable.  They are able to focus on our specific business and the challenges we have.  I would have not made the progress with our business without the expertise of the instructors and personnel at the SBDC!”

The first step in the process was assessment, consulting and assistance with business certifications from the Director of the ASBDC at Brookdale Community College, Jackeline Mejias-Fuertes. Tracy states,

“Jackeline helped me file as a SBE and WBE. Her experience with this was indispensable!  All of the codes, lingo, etc. was Greek to me, so she was able to help me navigate the process so much faster than I could have done by myself.  Tracy continues, I also took many social media classes with Lisa Kanda.  When I first started the classes, I was skeptical about how much it would help build our business.  Two years later, I am now a believer!  Social media has definitely helped promote our product!”

In regards to marketing strategies, Tracy then met with consultant Bob Mika. “Bob Mika was a huge help with marketing!  He told me how I needed to do a SWOT analysis (invaluable!), and helped me with brochures and business cards.”

Throughout the process, Tracy followed-though and did all the work needed to grow her business. She also met with two more consultants…one specializing in procurement and other in website development. “I met with Stephanie Burrows to figure out how to navigate the government procurement process”, Tracy says.  “Like Jackeline, Stephanie was able to help me navigate that whole process!”

Most recently, Tracy wanted to evaluate her website, so she took a class with Roland Reinhart.  “His class taught me what I needed to know to ask the right questions and find someone to redo our website.” Tracy took (and continues to take) the steps needed to be a successful entrepreneur by educating herself, implementing what she has learned and reassessing her efforts to maximize the impact on her business. She is determined, insightful, hard-working and forward thinking and we are honored to be part of her team in achieving continued success.

Tracy’s advice for other business owners?

“To fully utilize the resources of the SBDC, and work hard!  It is very hard work, but so fulfilling as well!  The quote I keep on my computer is from Thomas Edison: Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.


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