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Helping your business Go Green and GROW Green!

Save Money, Share Your Success, Inspire Others

Wednesday, April 29th
9:00am – 12 noon 


“Green” practices are quickly becoming expected rather than optional.  Learn how even the most basic steps to incorporate sustainability practices in your business operations can improve your bottom line, increase your competitive advantage, and enhance the environment.

The New Jersey Small Business Development Centers, also known as America’s SBDC New Jersey, provides comprehensive services and programs for New Jersey entrepreneurs to help expand their operations, manage their growth, or start new ventures. Thanks to a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the NJSBDC now has a two-prong program to help you start or expand sustainability, or “green” practices, in your business.

The other prong focuses on the no-cost consulting for which the NJSBDC is renowned, but in this case, with a focus on sustainability! Whether you want basic information, help with the registry application, or a strategy to help you deal with an existing environmental concern, the NJSBDC will provide you with a counselor who is knowledgeable in all facets of sustainability, pollution prevention, toxics mitigation, and disaster preparedness. 

During this event, learn from the NJDEP’s Sustainability and Green Energy team as well a chance to meet with NJSBDC Sustainability Consultants and begin the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry process!

Learn more about the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry where businesses can apply on-line and become recognized for their efforts in adopting or increasing as few as five sustainable practices from a menu featuring dozens of sustainable actions pertinent to any small business.


Note: There is NO COST to attend this event, seating is limited and
registration is required