Tim Vazquez is the Owner and Chief Instructor of the Aikido Center of Manasquan. He is a retired police officer, self-defense instructor, and an NJ State licensed Security Instructor. Tim manages and operates his facility (Dojo) in Manasquan, NJ.

Tim became a client of the NJSBDC at Brookdale Community College after attending one of the center’s no-cost, high-impact Bootcamps as an answer to his dilemma the lack of traffic to his Dojo. His business was failing, and he needed assistance quickly. He did some research and found NJSBDC at Brookdale. On 6/2/16 he took the amazing Social Media Bootcamp course that took him to the next level in my social marketing. He subsequently took the Running a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign and Intro to Blogging workshops increasing his proficiency with social media and website management.

Tim took the knowledge and skills he developed during the workshops and implemented a proactive strategy. His approach is disciplined and innovative. He has been consistent will all efforts and is reaping the benefits. Embarking on applying all the techniques that he learned in the courses. He redesigned all his social networks, website to make it mobile compliant and started an AdWords account with Google. Did it work? Yes, it has! Tim states “I can tell that all the steps I took resulted in new traffic to the Dojo.” Hold the press. He even started Blogging! Also, he started and launched his app for marketing purposes that is available on Google and the Apple store. “Aikido Manasquan”!

Tim has increased traffic and sales by more than 10%, which for his highly competitive industry and market that is exceptional. The use of online advancements, social media, and updates to his website have enabled him to continue to grow his business even when the dojo is closed.

“Thank you NJSBDC for all your help and expertise! I HIGHLY recommended anyone to attend the courses, receive guidance and counseling offered by NJSBDC at Brookdale Community College and their affiliated location Ocean County College. Is it a lot of work for anyone to re-design their social media? Yes, it is, but you will succeed with the help from NJSBDC!”