Marilyn Schlossbach is an executive chef and restaurateur who founded and manages the Marilyn Schlossbach Group. She is an environmentalist, community activist, traveler, and surfer who is on a continual quest for culture and knowledge. Her mission is to share a plate of adventure, hospitality, and enthusiasm while enriching our local and global community.

Currently, the Marilyn Schlossbach Group owns and operates venues in Monmouth and Ocean counties that include: Langosta Lounge, Labrador Lounge, A.P.Y.C., Pop’s Garage, Russell & Bette’s and Marilyn Schlossbach Catering and Events. Additionally, the group operates Lightly Salted Surf Shop. Marilyn’s focus is to explore all the gastronomic possibilities of local ingredients, combining the classic bases from around the world with current techniques and local produce. The Marilyn Schlossbach Group has notably been featured in The New York Times, Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC and on The Food Network.

Marilyn became a client of the NJSBDC at Brookdale Community College back in 2015 during which businesses impacted by Super Storm Sandy, were receiving highly specialized business consulting.  This enabled her to focus on the philanthropy aspect of her business.  Throughout the years Marilyn has been utilizing the NJSBDC in varies areas depending on her business development needs. From attending specific events such as crowdfunding to receiving customized social media training increasing the organization’s proficiency in varies aspects of business development.

With a passion for her roots and her eyes turned to the future, Marilyn Schlossbach is a lover of nature, gastronomy, and her Asbury Park community. Moved by challenges and a great sense of indignation for social and environmental injustice, Marilyn manages to transform her creative energy into unforgettable experiences and food for diners while also inspiring support for local and national causes through her advocacy and activism. With boldness and vision, Marilyn transcends the boundaries of the kitchen as an active citizen, valuing the small producer, encouraging young professionals and supporting her various local not-for-profit ventures.

Marilyn is the founder of the not-for-profit Food For Thought By The Sea, which provides local youth and adolescents with an opportunity to learn about the hospitality and the culinary industry.  Marilyn’s community work also includes a collaboration with Interfaith Neighbors on Asbury Park’s Kula Café and Urban Farm, community gardening and surf lessons with the Boys and Girls Club of Asbury Park, and unwavering support of environmental organizations like Clean Ocean Action, Surfrider Foundation, American Littoral Society and Waves For Water that work to protect coastlines and marine environments.  In addition, Marilyn is an executive board member of the New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association, and she sits on the board of the newly launched College Achieve Greater Asbury Park Charter School.


Restaurateur, Chef, Humanitarian
Marilyn Schlossbach Group
1000 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712