As the year ends, we want to thank all of our clients for allowing us to be a part of their small business journeys. Your small business dreams have paid off big time and we are so proud to be a part of your success! We have to end 2021 by taking the time to celebrate Tracey L. Wolfman of We Care Adult Care, Inc. for becoming the 2021 Success Award Recipient!

Wolfman is no stranger when it comes to accepting this award. This is the second time in her two-decade career as a small business owner to receive this Success Award. We Care Adult Care has managed to survive the pandemic against all odds, and Wolfman is deserving of a double-win.


Wolfman is the proud owner and founder of Monmouth County’s ‘We Care Adult Care’ – an adult daycare center dedicated to providing a quality of life for senior citizens in Monmouth County, especially those living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. After a trip to Florida, she took inspiration from an adult daycare facility she had seen there and known that her next life mission was to open one of her own here in New Jersey.


At first, Tracey didn’t know where to start. “I was a nurse, so I knew how to care for patients, but I wasn’t a business person,” said Wolfman of her small business beginnings. “I went to Brookdale and took business classes. Those classes led me to the MOSBDC, where they taught me how to get funding and develop my business plan. If it weren’t for Barbara Boyington, a consultant with extensive knowledge of plan development and the rest of the MOSBDC Team at the time, we wouldn’t have had the foundation to make We Care Adult Care what it is today.”


Tracey became a client of the MOSBDC back in 1998 when she first established her business. The company, whose mission is to provide a quality of life to seniors, started with a team whose size could be counted on one hand. Over two decades, Wolfman had grown that number to a few dozen team members. Throughout the years, Tracey has engaged the services of the MOSBDC when necessary to stay abreast of business trends. When the pandemic began wreaking havoc in the community, We Care Adult Care was required to shut its doors for 16 months like many care facilities. Tracey turned to the MOSBDC for the necessary guidance to lead her to a positive post-pandemic outcome.


Wolfman has recently reopened We Care Adult Care to the seniors of Monmouth County, and her fleet of six buses can again be seen driving seniors to and from the adult day care facility.


Tracey would like to thank the MOSBDC for all of their support to her and her business from the very beginning. “We Care Adult Care can be here because of the foundation that was laid by the MOSBDC. Anybody looking to go into business in Monmouth or Ocean County shouldn’t even consider it without the insight or perspective of the MOSBDC Team.”


We are proud to be a part of Tracey’s success story, and cannot wait to be a part of yours. What better way to start the new year than to see how the MOSBDC can help your business grow and reach its full potential! Visit our website today at to see how we might be able to help you achieve your small business goals in 2022. You can also call us at (732) 842-8685