Thank you for your interest in the Restaurant Revitalization Fund program. Regardless of where you are in the application process, please review the following reminders and helpful hints about moving forward:

What to expect next:

  1. As outlined by Congress, the SBA will focus their reviews on the priority applications that have been submitted. Applicants who have submitted a non-priority application will find their applications remain in a Review status while the priority applications are processed during the first 21 days. Applicants in this status should not anticipate any outreach from the SBA during this period.
  2. Following a successful application submission, all applications will first enter a stage called “IRS verification”. This process may take up to seven days and allows the SBA to validate your application submission.
  3. If you have questions about the award calculation, see the program guide, pages 7–9.
  4. The 4506T form is signed with your application during the e-sign process. You do not need to submit an additional 4506T.
  5. If you are entering a state in the address section(s) use the abbreviation in capital letters (e.g., PA, TX, ME, WA, etc.).
  6. For application support, you may submit a message using the platform inbox. For quick answers, this may be your best route.

As a reminder, per federal award program guidelines that require the same and equal information be provided to each applicant, SBA’s team members are limited on responses they can provide to applicants, including specific questions regarding RRF eligibility, potential award amount, and other detailed information.

Thank you,
SBA Restaurant Revitalization Fund Program


Information Courtesy of the SBA