Did you know?

Monmouth County Division of Workforce Development offers several opportunities to county businesses to get the word out about your business / industry, and even help it recruit great employees to fill your openings!

Outlined below are FREE SERVICES we offer to Monmouth County businesses, and the details for each:


On-The-Job Training Program (OJT)

There is the “New Hire Incentive Program”. Businesses can receive up to $10,000 for each new hire, no strings attached!


  • Will be reimbursed 50% of the salary of a new, full-time employee
  • Minimum of 32 hours per week
  • Minimum wage must be paid
  • Maximum reimbursement capped at $10,000 per employee
  • We can help you find candidates or you can find them on your own
  • The employer or the employee must be from Monmouth County


  • Must qualify, please call us for details


EMAIL Don Miragliotta, Employment Counselor, Monmouth County Workforce Development at donald.miragliotta@dol.nj.gov


Job Announcement Email Blasts

We are happy to promote your Monmouth County / immediate surrounding area open positions to our database of over 29,000+ customers. The announcement goes directly to our candidate’s email box, not a job board. It goes right to an email account—one and done. So, it is not up anywhere to “view it”. I copy and paste what you send to me, so it looks exactly like that (minus the FEIN#).

**To make your ad attractive to the eye of the reader, you might want to consider changing up your ad a bit to tell a reader why they should consider working for your organization.

Please keep in mind: People read things with LITTLE words and LOTS of PICTURES—and incentives to work—you must tell them “What is in it for me (Them)” to apply. This method is hoping to grab their attention.

Information needed MUST be written out in an email or word document, and includes:

  • Your first and last name
  • Name of Company
  • FEIN # (I MUST have this information, and it will remain confidential)
  • How to apply (an Email address is FAR better than a job board URL address)
  • Name of job open
  • Summary of details (FT/PT, hours, requirements, location, etc.)
  • All jobs open for you, for the entire month, should be on 1 document.
  • IF you choose to use colorin your announcement, it is IN ADDITION to the TEXT you provide, and limited to 1 page for everything, and must be in JPG or PNG format. No other format can be used.
  • NO LINKS are ever active in any of your announcements.