ELEVATE YOUR LINKEDIN GAME: Leverage ChatGPT to Fast Track Your Results

FREE 6-Week Program

Starts Tuesday, January 16th, with both virtual and in-person components.

The Elevate Your LinkedIn Game ChatGPT program is designed to empower small businesses with the skills to harness the power of AI, specifically ChatGPT, in optimizing and growing their LinkedIn presence. This Program provides a comprehensive approach to personal and professional branding, content creation, and engagement strategies, all enhanced by the capabilities of ChatGPT.

The Program will be delivered in person and via Zoom over six weeks.

The Program will:

• Equip participants with the knowledge and skills to integrate ChatGPT effectively into their LinkedIn strategies.
• Enable participants to optimize their LinkedIn profiles using ChatGPT to enhance their brand and visibility.
• Teach advanced techniques for content creation, engagement, analytics interpretation, and maximizing ROI using ChatGPT.
• Provide personalized support through one-on-one counseling sessions, ensuring tailored strategies for each participant.
• Provide tools, templates, and homework assignments that can easily be followed and implemented to enhance individual success on LinkedIn.

Pre-Workshop – AI Kickstart: Intro to ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence has been making headlines lately, and ChatGPT has been the most significant player in AI, helping companies streamline their efforts to fast-track their success. While many view AI with caution, it’s clear that you’ll need to know how to use ChatGPT to get ahead on LinkedIn this year. This online pre-workshop will teach you the basics of ChatGPT and is the essential foundation of this 6-week Program.

Introductory Workshop – LinkedIn AI Essentials: Transform Your Profile with ChatGPT

Once you learn the ChatGPT basics, it’s time to put your new skills into practice. Learn how to transform your LinkedIn profile to optimize social media performance and engage and expand your audience in a three-hour hands-on classroom environment.

Please note that this workshop will be delivered in person. Space limited.

Advanced Workshop – LinkedIn Mastery: Advanced Strategies for Content and ROI (Return-On-Investment)

You’re grasping ChatGPT, and you’re starting to see results based on your newly optimized profile. You’re on a roll! Why stop now?

There’s still more to learn. If you’re seeking advanced skills in creating AI-driven content creation that will help you gain results, then this advanced workshop is for you.

This advanced workshop will include three one-hour Zoom workshops for advanced participants, where they will learn to create better content through tools like ChatGPT and go deeper into their analytics while understanding best practices when posting their new content.

Please note registrants must pre-qualify to participate. Space is limited.


Lisa Kanda, CEO & President, Elkay Advisors, LLC.

Due to the high demand! While this session has reached capacity, join the waitlist on the link below, and we’ll prioritize you for future workshops. We appreciate your dedication to learning!