“Minimizing Your Risk” with Adam Puharic

FREE 3-Week Online Webinar Series 

Starts Tuesday, February 6th, 12PM – 1PM!

We all know as entrepreneurs that starting a small business has its fair share of challenges, especially in our current economy. Many of us without a financial background might miss out on big opportunities due to a lack of information or knowledge, minimizing potential business success and potentially putting our companies at security risk. This credit clinic will give small business owners the tools to help foster growth and safeguard their businesses.

Our virtual “boot camp” consists of three (3) online modules respectively focused on managing finances, forecasting sales projects, and understanding and improving business credit. These three sessions will address the importance of understanding and modeling financial information that can be used to support business owners who might not have a financial background to aim for higher levels of success.


During each hour module, the included learning objectives will target actionable and achievable outcomes. Virtual handouts will be provided to assist in implementing the tactics reviewed during each presentation and participants will receive hands-on experience using Excel and navigating the Federal Trade Commission website.

The program will be delivered virtually over three webinar sessions:

Webinar #1 – “Cyber Liability” – Tuesday, February 6th, 2024 – 12PM to 1PM

Webinar #2 – “Reading and Understanding Contracts” – Tuesday, February 13th, 2024 – 12PM to 1PM

Webinar #3 – “Insurance for Landlords and Leasees” – Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 – 12PM to 1PM


However, we encourage registrants to attend all three sessions in order to set their businesses up for the most success possible!

This Program Will…

  • Help small business owners understand personal credit and how it impacts their businesses and possible funding.
  • Educate registrants on financial statements and tax returns.
  • Help you learn how investors, lenders and creditor use credit bureau data to make financial and funding decisions.
  • Give entrepreneurs the resources to secure financing for business start-ups on expansion.
  • Help business owners gain a better understanding of credit analysis and business management

Webinar #1 – “Cyber Liability”

Cyber liability is the single largest area of risk for most small business people and entrepreneurs, yet the least understood area for most. We will explore the risks, the types of cyber threats, and real-world claims scenarios. We will also provide practical advice and solutions to mitigate risk, create resilience, and ensure you have the answers you need to practice safely. This is a great session for any small business and NOT just a technology related business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define cyber liability and its significance for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Explore the various types of cyber threats lurking.
  • Understand the real-life consequences of cyber incidents on small businesses
  • Learn the best practices that can be implement to create risk mitigation strategies.

Fee: No Cost


Webinar #2 – “Reading and Understanding Contracts”

Whether you are a one person business or have 100 employees, signed contracts are one of the real risks of owning and operating a small business. Business owners and entrepreneurs become entangled in contractual obligations and can be sued, not because they did anything wrong, but because they have signed a contract they don’t understand. We’ll explore common contractual liability traps, the language used, and the limits of insurance to respond to those traps. We’ll also offer common sense solutions and help you better your skills at negotiating and editing insurance requirements within contra