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Jackeline Mejias Fuertes, Director

Dr. Jackeline Mejias-Fuertes
Regional Director

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Maggie Osmulski - NJ Small Business Development Center at Brookdale Community College

Maggie Osmulski
Assistant Director

As the Assistant Director at the SBDC at Brookdale Community College, Maggie has over thirty years in business management.  Today, she uses the business skills learned at one of America’s largest corporations as well as a very small one to counsel entrepreneurs and small business owners on what it will take to succeed.

After starting with AT&T in business sales in Kansas City, she earned her MBA in Marketing and was soon promoted to their New Jersey Headquarters in Basking Ridge. Here she held a variety of positions including Strategic Planner, Travel Market Manager, National Sales Communications Manager, and Regional Director of University Relations. These included responsibility for billion-dollar revenue streams and multi-million-dollar advertising budgets. She particularly enjoyed launching new strategies and events, imprinting them with her creative stamp.

Maggie left AT&T to help her husband run Concession Supply Company, a small wholesale distributor of snack foods providing supplies, machinery and fun foods to retailers, schools, and concessionaires throughout New Jersey.  If you’ve ever purchased a pretzel, cotton candy or churro at school or on your favorite beach, it most likely was distributed by them.

Prior to joining the SBDC and Brookdale Community College, Maggie also embraced an opportunity to be an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Hudson Community College. Today, she is happy to share her perspective from both ends of the business spectrum. When not supporting small business owners, she serves on the Historic Preservation Committee, is an avid traveler and a zealous genealogist, having traced her roots to the American Revolution.

Ernestine Keith

Ernestine Keith

Anabel Rojas – Associate

Anabel Rojas

Barbara Boyington, Professor (Retired), Consultant Business Plans

Barbara Boyington
Professor (Retired), Consultant Business Plans

Barbara Ann Boyington, B.S., M.B.A., Emeritus Professor of Management, Brookdale Community College has served as a Consultant for the Monmouth/Ocean NJSBDC for over 30 years. For over 40 years she held various leadership positions in Higher Edu