July 16, 2024 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Topic: Managing Employees

Lisa Fried-Grodin, Owner and Employment Attorney with Fried-Grodin Employment Law, will provide tips on avoiding common mistakes that lead to litigation. These include:

· Terminating employees badly and without empathy and respect

· Improperly handling an employee’s request/need for accommodation when the employee has a medical issue or disability or is pregnant

· Lack of employee handbook at or updated handbook

· Failure to apply company policies/procedures and performance expectations in a uniform manner:

· Lack of adequate investigation procedures

· Lack of documentation regarding performance problems

· Lack of oversight of managers making termination decisions

· Establishing performance improvement plans that are impossible to satisfy

· Performance Evaluations that contradict the employer’s reason for termination

· Failing to correctly classify employees as exempt or nonexempt or as an employee or independent contractor.

· Not offering severance pay and a release of claims

Speaker: Lisa Fried-Grodin, Esq.

Fee: No Cost