Oftentimes, with the competitive demands that small business owners face, risk management procedures and business continuity planning may be neglected. NJSBDC consultants and staff however, work to familiarize small business owners with processes to address crises of any kind; natural disasters, the threat of terrorism (through physical assault, environmental manipulation or cyber-terrorism) employee misconduct or just simple accidents that can negatively impact business operations.

The NJSBDC network works with the State’s Commerce Commission’s Small Business Continuity Task Force and the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Disaster Office to educate small business owners about practices and steps they can take to prevent unnecessary interruptions in business operations as a result of disaster and other unforeseen developments. NJSBDC partners with industry specialists and government to get the message out that a comprehensive business plan needs to identify appropriate contingencies such as adequate insurance, training for employees, data and record keeping procedures that include off-site backup and periodic evaluation to make sure the practices in place fit the needs of the growing business.

To speak to a counselor in regards to Continuity Planning, please submit an online request for counseling.