This 15-hour comprehensive overview covers the complete marketing functions of a business. Learn about the marketing process, essentials of effective marketing, and the marketing mix as well as the essential elements of target marketing, marketing segmentation, types of competition, databases, and internal analysis. Identify how to position the business in the market in order to develop a marketing plan that focuses on goals and strategies. Discover how to use numbers to effectively analyze the current marketplace in creating valid pricing. Investigate how to create a customer database to help manage your business and explore how to create a viable marketing mix for your small business through advertising, promotions, and sales. This seminar ties together the entire marketing mix into a usable format for growing companies.

Instructor: Riina Van Rixoort

At Brookdale Community College, the course is 15 hours. (5 sessions – 3 hours each)
You must attend all 5 sessions to complete this workshop.

At Ocean County College, the course is 16 hours. (2)sessions are 6 1/2 hours and  (1) session is 3 hours)
You must attend all 3 sessions to complete this workshop.

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